Sanders Ridge Farm Potluck

sanders ridge potluck

The Slow Food potluck at Sanders Ridge Farm near Boonville was well attended, considering that it was a holiday weekend of sorts. Or would that be next weekend? Or would you split the difference? Anyway, we estimated that there were about 30 adults total and 6-7 children, who were entranced with collecting eggs from the chicken tractor.

What’s nice about a Slow Food potluck is that people are proud of the ingredients. When the produce is good, it’s enough to slice it up and eat it just as it is. Cindy, Sanders Ridge organic farmer, sliced up lemon cucumbers and Green Zebra tomatoes, among other delicious varieties. She told me that Green Zebra was Alice Waters’ favorite tomato. I can see why – it might have to be my next heirloom tomato try in the Back Forty.

Jim included homemade mozzarella in his homegrown green bean dish, which he was inspired to make after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I was tempted to do it too, and after tasting Jim’s and hearing first hand how easy it was (“I laughed it was so easy!”) I think that I’ll have to try it before One Local Summer is over.

There was pickled okra too. Pasta with lots o’garlic. Mac and cheese. Bread from Ollie’s Bakery. Homemade herb yogurt cheese with homegrown veggies to dip it up with. Amish butter. Mint and cucumber salad. Oatmeal cookies and cakes from a farmer’s market baker. Organic dates. Foggy Ridge hard cider. Pink lemonade with strawberries. Yum.

Update: Michael Hastings reports on the event in the Winston Salem Journal.

sanders ridge potluck

sanders ridge potluck

Laurie O’Neill


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