Slow Food In The News

North Carolina is making Slow News as well as Slow Food shine in the media this month.

Featured in the October issue of Bon Appetit magazine, the Durham-Chapel Hill area has been recognized as America’s Foodiest Small Town. The article begins with Alice and Stuart White of Bluebird Meadows, a sustainable farm in Hurdle Mills, NC. It travels down a short, but familiar road to focus on other local farmers, favorite restaurants, and the reality of widespread sustainability.

It makes this self-proclaimed foodie excited and happy to see our state in the limelight. Is it possible to “make a way for ducklings” and make the other triangular shaped region of the state excited and fired up about sustainable food and its practices?

Our neighbors to the west and eastern coastal region have caught the eye of Slow Food USA. Two articles about guest workers in the Asheville area and shrimp from our coast are important enough to turn an eye to this way.

Are we on our best behavior? Do we have refreshments available for our criticizers guests? As we invite the world to view our efforts to promote good clean, fair food, what are we doing in the Piedmont?

Slow Food really means Go Food, in my mind. It means go out and be active to see what you’re eating and how it gets to your table. It means being knowledgeable.

What are you doing at home, work, or school to this effect? Let us know. We want to hear from you, too.

~Nicolette Miller-Ka


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