Eat Local Challenge

The folks at are based out of San Francisco and have committed to challenging themselves to eat mainly local food during a specific period of time during the year.  Currently, the month of October is that specific part of the year. Nearly half of October is finished, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t join in on the fun.

Why should you eat local food? Click here.

“Local” is traditionally within a 150-mile radius of your home. It can be simplified even further to mean your county, state, or region. As we’ve seen in recent days, there are disputes and differences over this arbitrary word.

Nevertheless, sign up at the Eat Local Challenge Web site or keep tabs at home about your local food consumption.

Need help on how to find local food?

Slow Food Piedmont Triad Local Food Guide

National directory of local farms, CSAs, and farmer’s markets

Eat Well Guide
~Nicolette Miller-Ka


One Response to Eat Local Challenge

  1. Hey!

    We’re a little farther West, in the mountains of NC. Eating local is pretty popular here, too.

    Check out this awesome group – Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) They provide incredible resources.

    Also, take a look at more resources and listings of WNC tailgate and farm markets at:

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