New Secretary of Agriculture?

As President-elect Barack Obama is steadily picking and choosing his cabinet members, nearly 1900 have signed a petition to appoint Michael Pollen as Secretary of Agriculture.

“…research has provided him a unique understanding of the history, development, and contemporary practices of U.S. Agriculture and its relationship to the health of the citizens of The United States….”

“It is our belief that this scholarly approach coupled with his unique ability to synergize and coherently communicate to a wide audience makes Mr. Pollan the best choice for Secretary of Agriculture in an administration whose stated goals include affordable health and healthcare for the citizens of this nation and wholesale change from the practices of the Bush administration.”

Click HERE to see/sign petition in its entirely.

For more on Michael Pollen:


Pollen on the Brian Lehrer Show, November 17, 2008

NYT article, “Farmer In-Chief”

~Nicolette Miller-Ka


One Response to New Secretary of Agriculture?

  1. Laurie says:

    Oh YEAH! Wouldn’t that be PERFECT!!!! I’m all over it.

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